If you would like to support us by leaving a legacy in your will, please specify that you require your legacy to go to the Cambridge and District RSPCA Branch, registered charity number 205098. This ensures that it is clear that you intend the money to go to branch funds to be spent on branch animal welfare work locally. Our registration number specifies us uniquely to the Charity Commission and is a better way of identifying our charity than specifying a particular address as these may alter over time. The Charity Commission web page will always give details of our current registered address.

Legacies to RSPCA branches are normally handled via the Legacy dept. of the National Society, who have the expertise to deal with issues involved in handling the administration of an estate. If you direct your executors to forward your legacy to them at RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, Sussex RH13 9RS, they will arrange for the funds to be transferred to the Cambridge and District branch.

If you wish the RSPCA to act as your executor and administer your estate, this can be arranged. Please look through the details about naming the RSPCA as your executor on the National Website.

Donations can be posted to our Cambridge Charity Shop:

RSPCA Bookshop
188 Mill Road

or handed in at any of our shops or at the animal clinic when it is open:

RSPCA Charity Shop
156 High Street
RSPCA Retro/Vintage Boutique
184 Mill Road
RSPCA Animal Clinic
(open Tues., Thurs., Sat., 9-10.30 am)
1 Pool Way
Whitehill Road


Would you sponsor a kennel space and help us to help more animals? One of our biggest expenses is the cost of boarding animals until they can be rehomed. If we could get sponsorship for twenty spaces a year at a cost of 120 a month for each space, we would save over 29,000! This would mean that we would be able to admit more animals, and we would be able to provide more veterinary care. At present we have to turn away many people who can no longer manage to keep their pets because we simply do not have the funds to take in extra animals. It is very likely that many of the owners we cannot help decide to have their animals put to sleep. Click on one of the animals currently occupying space in our facilities to make a secure online donation to sponsor a kennel unit. A donation of 4 will sponsor one unit for a day.


We rely very heavily on donations and legacies; including donations of saleable items to raise money in our charity shops.

Contrary to what most people think, the RSPCA does not receive automatic "funding" and local branch animal welfare services entirely depend on what volunteers can raise. In a typical week we will take in at least one animal with severe injuries requiring surgical repairs costing up to 500, followed by several weeks aftercare until it is well enough to be rehomed. We will also receive daily requests for help to pay for emergency veterinary treatment and we must find the money to keep our animal clinic running and pay for boarding animals waiting to be found new homes.

Some cases cannot wait: for example a request to cover the cost of euthanasia of an 18 year old bitch with huge tumours which had become infected.

If you pay UK tax at the standard rate and want to send a donation by cheque, you can increase the value of your donation by printing out a Gift Aid Declaration Form, filling in your details and sending it to us together with the donation. Alternatively, you can make a secure donation online by clicking the make a donation button and checking the Gift Aid option. This enables us to reclaim the tax which you paid when you originally earned the money you donated to us.

All the funds we raise are spent locally, and the animal welfare work we do entirely depends on continuing to raise enough money to pay for it.