Lost Cats

This is a form to enable you to notify us quickly about missing cats. On average we receive two sick or injured strays every week and very rarely succeed in re-uniting them with their owners. This form is provided in the hope that it will improve our ability to match up reports of missing cats with the ones we take in for treatment. We strongly recommend that you also phone round local vets as injured animals are usually taken to the closest available veterinary surgery for emergency first aid. You should also phone our control centre on 0300 1234 999 as they collate information about lost and found animals throughout the whole of the RSPCA. The form we provide only relates to our local branch area.

Many "lost" cats have in fact got shut in sheds, garages etc. It is very important that you ask neighbours to check any buildings which have been opened and then shut up again around the time that your cat went missing. The best way to do this is to make simple fliers and put them through letter boxes, or actually knock on doors and ask people to check. The majority of cats roam across at least 7 gardens on either side of their home and in the corresponding gardens backing onto them. It's also useful to ask neighbours who have cats of their own whether yours may be coming to them for food as many "stray" cats are simply sampling an alternative diet!